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Law & Justice

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Law enforcement

Law enforcement is principally in the hands of the Royal Gibraltar Police Force and Gibraltar Customs. The Force is the oldest established British Force outside the United Kingdom, and it operates both in the city and in the bay.

Royal Gibraltar Police

The oldest police force in the commonwealth, the Royal Gibraltar Police force has been tasked with the protection of the community and enforcing the Government of Gibraltar’s laws since its formation in 1830.

Government Law Office

The Government Law Office [GLO] consists of the Office of Advisory Counsel, the Office of Parliamentary Counsel and the Office of Criminal Prosecutions and Litigation. They come under the superintendence of the Attorney General and are responsible for drafting the laws of Gibraltar, providing advice to Government Ministers and Departments, for briefing criminal prosecutors and representing the Government in other domestic and European Litigation.

Laws of Gibraltar website

All of Gibraltar’s primary and secondary legislation consolidated to date is detailed here. Future items will be added as and when they become available. The process of consolidation is ongoing, with all legislation amended and placed on the database as soon as possible after it comes into force.

Gibraltar Courts Service

The Aim of the Gibraltar Courts Service is to support the delivery of a timely and efficient justice system that is open to all.