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No: 18/2006
Date:  19 January 2006
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Department of Shipping launches its own Website

Friday 20th January 2006 will see the launch of a dedicated website for the Department of Shipping. It will raise the profile of the Gibraltar Flag in international shipping and at the same time act as a valuable marketing tool for the Gibraltar Ship Registry, which forms part of the Department of Shipping.

The Gibraltar Ship Registry is a Category 1 register within the prestigious Red Ensign Group. It is recognised throughout the world as a quality ship register. Over recent years the Gibraltar Registry has been growing, and it now contains over 190 ocean going vessels representing 1.2 million deadweight tonnes. Nearly every type of commercial vessel is represented on the Register and vessels flying the flag of Gibraltar trade worldwide.

Hon Joe Holliday, Minister with responsibility for shipping said, “The expansion of the Register over recent years has made it necessary for the Department of Shipping to host its own dedicated website. This will allow a wider audience to become aware of the advantages of registering a ship in Gibraltar. It will also allow the Registry’s current clients access to important advice and guidance, and amendments to the Laws of Gibraltar which affect shipping, which will be available to download.”

Two months in the making, the website was constructed with advice from a firm of specialists in the UK. There has also been considerable input from the staff of the Department of Shipping.

The new website will complement the recently published information brochure on the Gibraltar Ship Registry, which was launched at the Athens presentation last November.
The address of the website is

Note to Editors: The Category 1 registers within the Red Ensign Group are the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and the Isle of Man.