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Press Release

No: 34/2005
Date: 21 February 2005
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Naming of Edinburgh Estate Blocks

The Government is pleased to announce that a formal ceremony will take place at 1200 hrs on the 22nd February 2005. This will be held at the main entrance to the Edinburgh Estate to commemorate the naming of the blocks.

A special plaque will be unveiled by the Minister for Housing to mark this occasion, followed by a reception being held at the City Hall for the relevant families involved; some of whom will be travelling from overseas to witness the special event.

The naming of the blocks has been the result of the Edinburgh Estate Tenants’ Association having approached the Minister for Housing for this to be considered by the Government. The names of the blocks will be as follows:


A 77 – 88 Manolo Mascarenhas House

B 1 – 12/73 – 76 William Gomez House

C 61 – 72 Joseph Noguera House

D 49 – 60 Howard Davis House

E 13 – 24 Manuel Olivero House

F 89 – 100 Alfredo Duarte House

G 43 – 48 Rudecindo Mania House

H 25 – 30 Louis Bruzon House

I 107 – 112 Joseph Lagares House

J 37 – 42 Alberto Fava House

K 31 – 36 Victor Bashery House

L 101 – 106 Jacobo Azagury House

M 161 – 176 Elena Mifsud House

N 177 – 208 William Thomson House

O 145 – 160 Nemesio Mosquera House

P 129 – 144 Donald Delf House

Q 113 – 128 Margaret Creswell House

It should be noted that the blocks will be named after people from different backgrounds and professions though essentially, they all share one common theme in that they have made important contributions to the Gibraltar community. The Government is proud to unfold these names, fully recognises, and above all, values their important achievements to local life and history.

It is not proposed to change the numbering of flats, i.e., these will remain exactly the same as before. Tenants of the Edinburgh Estate will be given full details of the names, relevant to their blocks.

In addition to the official ceremony, the Government wishes to announce the name of the new proposed Senior Citizens’ building at the ‘Sands’ plot. This will be named ‘Albert Risso House’ following his enormous contribution to public life, details of which will be given at a later date.

For further information, please contact the Office of the Minister for Housing on telephone 71653.