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No: 144/2005
Date: 27 June 2005
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History Of Hms Calpe – Personal Reflections Heritage Talk 4

The Gibraltar Museum is pleased to announce the fourth in its programme of heritage talks for 2005, “History of HMS Calpe – Personal Reflections” by Cdr. Joe Ballantine, will take place on Thursday 30th June at 20.30 hours at the John Mackintosh Hall.

HMS CALPE was commissioned on the 18th November 1965 as the only Headquarters Reserve Unit in the Royal Naval Reserve, with a complement of three officers and 45 ratings.

With very few exceptions, CALPE provided the manning of COMGIBMED’s Headquarters during exercises. There were generally two or three of these major exercises conducted throughout the calendar year during which the Unit would ‘close up’. Training was conducted in situ, which bred a sense of familiarity and efficiency to the benefit of the Command.

CALPE officers and ratings also took part in exercises in other Headquarters as far apart as Hong Kong, Naples, and the United Kingdom in support of those Headquarters.

Over the years, other branches were added to the Unit, among which were: Diving, Intelligence, Chefs and Port Defence. Calpe Officers also provided interpreter duties as and when necessary, and also served as Honoury ADC’s to HE the Governor and Commander-in Chef.

During the period 1973 and 1979, Commander Ballantine served as ADC to a succession of Governors during that period. Commander Ballantine retired on the 31st March 1990. He was awarded the Royal Naval Reserve Decoration in 1979, and the bar to the decoration in 1989. He was appointed OBE (Military Division) in 1988.

The lectures in the series are open to all who wish to attend and are free of charge.

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