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No: 156/2002
Date: 3 September 2002

Malta - Gibraltar Conference


Calpe 2002 Conference - Gibraltar/Malta: History, Heritage and Identity in a Mediterranean Setting - 27 - 29 September 2002

The full programme for this year's Calpe Conference is now ready and is published today. A copy is attached. Attendance at the Conference is free. Persons interested in attending can register at the Museum, John Mackintosh Hall or by completing one of the flyers outlining the full programme that are being released as from today.

The Calpe Conferences were started in 1997. This is the sixth edition and it is expected that the subject, so close to many Gibraltarians, will attract much local interest. There will be, in addition to speakers on specific issues relating to the history, heritage and identity of Gibraltar and Malta, a number of key note lectures by major international speakers that will set the subject of the Conference in a wider context.

A social programme is being arranged to coincide with the Conference and as part of a Gibraltar/Malta week.

"The Conference will provide a good opportunity to examine the social, political, cultural and economic parallels between Gibraltar and Malta. There are many similarities between our two territories and we encourage the general public to attend. This is a timely event especially as an exercise to better understand our roots and a historical facet of it that has directly contributed to our separate identity as a people" said Keith Azopardi.

The Conference programme follows below:

Gibraltar- Malta: history, heritage and identity in a Mediterranean setting

Day 1 - Friday 27 September 2002

Opening Session - A historical introducation to Gibraltar and Malta

Chair: Mr Joe Desoisa, Chairman Gibraltar Heritage Trust, Gibraltar

09.30 The Hon Keith Azopardi, Deputy Chief Minister of Gibraltar - Opening Speech

10:00 Professor David Abulafia - University of Cambridge - Atlantic Expansion and Mediterranean Decline (Key Note)

11:00 Mr Nathaniel Cutajar - Archaelogical Museaum of Malta - The Historic Archaelogy of the Maltese Islands - recent developments and ongoing research

11:30 Coffee

12:00 Mrs Geraldine Finlayson - Director, John Mackintosh Hall, Gibraltar and Cultural Research Officer, The Gibraltar Museum - Gibraltar: a history of civilizations past

12:30 Professor Henry Frendo - Dept of History, The University of Malta - The Foundations of Modern Maltese History, 1530 - 1964

13:00 Mr Denis Beiso - Archivist Designate, Gibraltar Archives, Gibraltar - The foundations of modern Gibraltarian history, 1704 -1969

13:30 Lunch

Session 2 Geopolitical perspectives

Chair: Professor Henry Frendo, Department of History, The University of Malta

15:30 Professor Bernard Cook - Loyola University, New Orleans, USA - The Mediterranean since 1945: the burdens of the past and confronting the future (Key Note)

16:30 Tea

17:00 Mr Richard Garcia - Principal Secretary, Ministry of Tourism and Transport, Gibraltar - The rise of a merchant community in Gibtaltar in the early 19th century: example of opportunism

17:45 Mr Stephen Spiteri - Superintendent of Fortifications, Government of Malta - Island Fortress in the Mediterranean - Strategic & Local Considerations affecting the British defence of Malta in the 19th and 20th centuries

18:30 Discussion

Day 2 - Saturday 28 September 2002

Session 3 Heritage

Chair: Cdr Joe Ballantine - Deputy Chair Gibraltar Heritage Trust, Gibraltar

09:30 Professor David Lowenthal - University College, London, United Kingdom (Key Note) - Small is Precarious: Can Heritage Sustain Survival?

10:30 Mr Tony Pace - Director Museums Department, Gobernment of Malta - Heritage, Identity and the Problems of being small.

11:15 Coffee

12:45 Dr John Cortes - Director Gibraltar Botanic Gardens and General Secretary, Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society, Gibraltar - Appreciating and protecting nature in our unique situation

13:30 Lunch

15:30 Mr Mario Farrugia - Chairperson and Chief Executive of Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna - The Armstrong 100-ton gun - history's first wonder weapon

16:15 Tea

16:45 Dr Diane Sloma - Trustee, The Gibraltar Heritage Trust, Gibraltar - The influence of the Gibraltar Chronicle on the Gibraltarian outlook

17:30 Professor Clive Finalayson - Director Museums & Heritage, Heritage & Planning Division, Gibraltar and Department of Anthropology, The University of Toronto, Canada - Scale in heritage (Key Note)

18:30 Discussion

Day 3 - Sunday 29 September 2002

Session 4 Identity

Chair: Mr Tony Pace - Director Museums Department, Government of Malta

09:30 Professor Henry Frendo - Department of History, The University of Malta - European Mediterranean identities: Spain, Italy and Britain in the Gibraltar - Malta nexus (Key Note)

10:30 Dr Vicki Anne Cremona - Department of Theatre Studies, University of Malta, Evolving Expressions of Theatricality: The Maltese Case

11:15 Coffee

12:45 Mr Tom Finlayson - Archivist, Gibraltar Archives, Gibraltar - The Gibraltarians since 1704

13:30 Lunch

15:00 Professor Larry Sawchuk - Department of Anthropology, The University of Toronto, Canada - Defining Moments of Colonial Identity: Epidemics and Health in Gibraltar and Malta

15:45 Tea

16:15 Professor Joe Brincat, Professor of Italian Linguistics and Mediaeval Literature, c/o Department of Italian, University of Malta - Survival through Change: The Maltese language and its Historical strata

17:00 Mr Tom Finlayson - Archivist, Gibraltar Archives, Gibraltar - Gibraltar: Military Fortress or Commercial Colony? (Key Note)

17:45 Discussion

18:15 The Hon Bernard Linares - Minister for Education & Culture - Closing address



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