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Press Release
No: 198/2001
Date: 26 November 2001

Government rejects SDGG and the Voice of Gibraltar Group statements

The Government rejects the statements by the SDGG and the Voice of Gibraltar Group that they will press the Select Committee of the House of Assembly to accelerate completion of its work, and for that purpose plan to demonstrate during the Committee’s scheduled meeting on 3 December.

The speed with which the Committee does its work is a matter for its members. It is not for the SDGG or Voice of Gibraltar, to dictate to the House of Assembly the pace or manner at which it does its work. The Government will not permit this to happen, nor will the Government agree to hold meetings of the Select Committee under attempted pressure of demonstration whilst it sits doing its work.

Speaking from London, Chief Minister Peter Caruana said:-

"I am surprised at the latest statement from the SDGG and Voice of Gibraltar Group. This is not their proper role. These issues are simply too important to be dealt with in this manner. The Committee will complete its work in the manner and speed decided by the Committee in its judgement of what is best in Gibraltar’s interests. Similarly what occurs after the Committee has submitted its report to the full House of Assembly is a matter for the House and for the Government".

Last Revised : 26 November 2001