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Press Release
No: 192/2000
Date: 24 November 2000



The Government is shortly to unveil a monument to the evacuation. The monument has already been erected on the Roundabout at the junction of North Mole Road and Europort Avenue.

The monument consists of a bronze sculpture of a scene depicting a man greeting his returning family comprising two women, two children and their luggage. All five figures are life size and a half. The sculptor is Jill Cowie Sanders.

The erection of this monument is one of the Government`s Millenium projects. It commemorates the return of thousands of Gibraltarian women, children and elderly persons who had been evacuated to various countries at the outbreak of the Second World War. It was not until 6th April 1944 that the first Gibraltarians were allowed to return, and the repatriation continued until 4th July 1951. It commemorates also the resolve and dignity of those evacuated Gibraltarians, without which our community would not exist today.

The official unveiling ceremony will be undertaken by the Chief Minister on Thursday 30th November at 5.30 pm at the North Mole Roundabout. The general public, but very especially evacuees, are invited to attend the unveiling ceremony.


Last Revised : 24 November 2000