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Official Notice

Date: 18 October 2002

Traffic Notice


In connection with the ceremony commemorating the Battle of Trafalgar, to be held at the Trafalgar Ceremony at 1130 hours on Sunday 20 October 2002, the Commissioner of Police has authorised the following traffic arrangements:-


As from 0600 hours to 1400 hours on Sunday 20 October 2002 parking of vehicles will not be allowed in the following thoroughfares:

1. Trafalgar Hill (both sides) including the areas outside Queens Cinema and Acmoda Limited;

2. Boyd Street;

3. Referendum Gate to junction of Ragged Staff;

4. Town Range junction with Kings Yard Lane to its junction with Prince Edwards Gate;

5. Prince Edwards Gate to the junction of Europa Road and Trafalgar Hill;

6. Kings Yard Lane;

7. Main Street from Referendum Gate to the junction with Secretary's Lane.


As from 1145 hours Trafalgar Hill and Convent Ramp will be closed to vehicular traffic.

During the course of the ceremony, vehicles approaching Trafalgar Hill from Boyd Street and Europa Road will be diverted towards Prince Edwards Road and re-routed to Kings Yard Lane exiting Main Street.